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Action Palestine - our partner for University twinnings


Twinning with Palestine

The Britain - Palestine Twinning Network - "promoting twinning and friendship links"

Activities for the network in 2011 include * Women's visit - March * Twinning Conference in Palestine - April * Visits to Palestine April and October * Conference in Liverpool - November.

Twinning Info. / Visit reports - Leicester - Bethlehem

Now on the website - useful links/resources

A selection of the art from Leicester school's for the Leicester-Bethlehem Holy Land Appeal.

Saint George/Al Khader art competition -

Local newspaper article, "Palestinian children visit" -

Some videos from Palestine, including the Hakaya Dabke dancers from Bethlehem who visited us in Leicester in the summer - Youtube

Children’s Art Competition

Leicester-Bethlehem Link Group

Unit 3B, Pilot House, 41 King Street, Leicester, LE1 6RN

The Leicester-Bethlehem Link Group have organised a children's art competition on the theme of Saint George / Al Khader. The best children's art submitted from Leicester and from Bethlehem will be exhibited at the Festival of Alternatives on the Monday 7th May Bank Holiday, at Regent College, Regent Road, Leicester. LE1 7LW.

In his Palestinian homeland Saint George is linked to the Islamic figure Al Khader. Traditions about Saint George or Al Khader are shared by Christians and Muslims in Palestine. Two miles from the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem is the village of Al Khader in which there is a church of Saint George. Both Muslims and Christians pray in the church and participate in Saint George's day celebrations.

Our main partner for this project is the Arab Educational Institute in Bethlehem an affiliate of the Catholic Peace organisation Pax Christie. They are encouraging young people in Al khader to produce art and drama on "St George/Al Khader: its folklore, history and present-day message.". The drama will be performed at the Artas Lettuce Festival (12-15th April). In the drama Saint george?Al Khader will non-violently slay the Wall/Dragon currently under construction on the lands of al khader and Artas villages. Video of the performance and digital images of the art will be made available to participating schools and organisations in Leicester prior to Saint George's day on 23rd April. we are hoping to also make available art from the Ghirass Children's Cultural Centre in Bethlehem whose Dabkeh (traditional Palestinian) dance troupe will spend a week in Leicester towards the end of the summer term.

The competition has been organised to: -

Develop greater understanding of Saint George.

Give some insights into Arabic, Palestinian culture.

Foster good community relations and Christian-Muslim harmony in Leicester.

Develop ties between Leicester and Bethlehem.

Give young people some context for understanding events in Palestine that are so frequently in the news.

Leicester schools, youth and religious organisations have been written to with an invitation to participate, and a sample of the book Saint George-The Palestinian who became the Patron Saint of England by Steve Bonham and published by Leicestershire Holy Land Appeal . The Book, the invitation letter an entry form, and a media release can be downloaded from or from Certificates and prizes of Palestinian handicrafts from Bethlehem will be awarded for the best entries.

Entries can be submitted on art materials or as digital images. The deadline for entries is Friday 27th April. Entries should be sent to Leicester-Bethlehem Link Unit 3B, Pilot House, 41 King Street, Leicester, LE1 6RN Digital images can also be E-mailed to

Book Saint George: The Palestinian who became the Patron Saint of England. By Steve Bonham

12 pages A4. Published by Leicestershire Holy Land Appeal 2007.

Price £1.00. For orders of five or less add £0.50 for postage and packing.

With international orders please send £1.00 postage and packing.

Orders should be sent to: -

Leicestershire Holy land Appeal, 25 Prospect Road, Leicester, LE5 3RR. Great Britain. Cheques made payable to: Leicestershire Holy Land Appeal

On the website there is now:-

- A PowerPoint Presentation on Saint George and Palestine

- A six minute video of a Palestinian Children's drama in which Saint George/Al khader slays the Dragon/Wall.

- Some Palestinian Children's art on saint George. I should receive more during the coming week.

- A PDF file of my booklet 'Saint George-The Palestinian who became the Patron Saint of England'. This is pitched at Key Stages two and three.

Useful website -

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Women's Tour March 2011

Conference Palestine April 2011

Conference - Liverpool November 2011

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