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Action Palestine - our partner for University twinnings


Twinning with Palestine

The Britain - Palestine Twinning Network - "promoting twinning and friendship links"

Activities for the network in 2011 include * Women's visit - March * Twinning Conference in Palestine - April * Visits to Palestine April and October * Conference in Liverpool - November.

Websites supporters use to book airline tickets

There are many agency sites worth trying, but watch out for administration and credit card charges (check the Terms and Conditions). - worth trying as well. - last minute offers worth looking at - (watch out for the £10 "admin." charge") - - often comes up with very good value flights even if booked a few weeks before. - - Compare airlines offering flights to Israel (and prices) easily. - this site has some charter flights at reasonable prices. - Worth looking at.

Its worth trying the airline sites direct - they often have better deals. Thomson Fly are now flying to Tel Aviv from London Luton and Manchester (starting 1st November 2007). Fares are cheaper than ever before for direct flights.

Buses and taxis from Amman

Its often cheaper to fly via Amman. Many of us prefer this route as the intrusive and rude questioning at Ben Gurian Airport, Tel Aviv puts many visitors off. It seems less bothersome on the Jordanian border.

Its best to share a taxi to Amman and then take a mini bus to go the border.

Taxis and Buses once there

Taxis - Yellow plated taxis inside the West Bank are allowed to drive to Ben Gurion and direct from Bethlehem and charge around 200 shekels. The Neshas, whilst not allowed into Palestine can collect from Tantur institute which is the Jerusalem side of the Bethlehem checkpoint.

The Nesha service (shared taxi) from Ben Gurion to Bethlehem Checkpoint. It is 50 shekels and the price doesn't change, it is available 24 hours a day in both directions.

When in Jerusalem

Israeli Government Tourist Office (IGTO). Visitors Center, Jaffa Gate, Old City. Tel: (03) 627 1422 or (02) 26 754 811. Christian Information Center, Jaffa Gate, Old City. Tel: (02) 627 2692. Tourist guide (Holy Land Trust) - Wisam T. Salsaa. PO Box 366 - Bethlehem. Tel: 00972 2 277 3672. Mobile: 0522 357498. Jawwal 0599 547757. E-mail: wisamts at, wisamts at


A two-day pass for the no. 99 bus, which gives a guided tour of the city, will allow discounted entry to the Israel Museum, Tower of David Museum and the Biblical Zoo. It can be bought at ticket offices at these sites or from the bus drivers (see Bus Tours in Tours of the City).

Local information

- Look under "directory" - good source of information. - worth a try. - Useful resource.

Hotels - List of hotels in Palestine.

- - Comprehensive listings.

Individual hotels

Jericho - Jericho Resort Village, Near Hirsham Palace, Jericho. Palestine. P.O. Box 162. Tel: 02 232 1255. Fax: 02 232 2189.

Retno Hotel. Ersal Street, Al Bireh. Tel: 02 295 0022. Fax: 02 295 2484. E-mail: retno at (The April 2007 Conference was held here).

Travel agents and companies - Tour operators.


- The British Embassy in Tel Aviv

192 Hayarkon Street, Tel Aviv, 63405 Israel. Tel: (972) 3 725 1222 Fax: (972) 3 527 8574.

We understand that many British nationals have been affected by the Israeli Ministry of Interior’s change of policy on issuing visas to foreign nationals working or resident in the Occupied Territories. Cases have been reported to us of British nationals being denied entry or having ‘last permit’ stamped in their passports.

With the EU, we have been pressing the Israeli authorities for action for some time now. The EU Presidency met with the head of COGAT (Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories), Maj. Gen. Mishalv on 13 December to discuss the issue.

Maj. Gen. Mishlav has informed us that the main responsibility on issues of entry to the Palestinian Territories has moved from the Ministry of Interior to COGAT and that the systems introduced by the Ministry of Interior three months ago have been cancelled.

We, along with all EU member states, have now been informed of the following:

- The implementation of the new rules has already started.

- People can now move freely even if they have ‘last permit’ stamped in their passports

- People can again apply for the three month tourist visa.For the time being EU spouses of Palestinians should apply for 3 month visas but COGAT is currently considering alternatives.

- A contact person is now in place at Allenby Bridge crossing and a contact person will be in place at Ben Gurion within weeks. This should prevent problems at crossing points.

I am sure this will be welcome news to those of you who are experiencing problems and hope that you see improvements immediately.We will be monitoring the implementation of these new procedures closely. Please let the Consulate know if you continue to experience difficulties as this will enable us to take action with the Israeli authorities. You can contact our consular section on (02) 541 4141.

The Consulate General, with the EU will continue to ensure that the issue of entry to the Occupied Territories for foreign nationals is raised at the highest levels.We will inform you of any further developments.

U.K. Consulate Jerusalem

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Events in 2011

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Women's Tour March 2011

Conference Palestine April 2011

Conference - Liverpool November 2011

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Would you like to visit Palestine? We regularly organise tours to Palestine. Book for the October 2010 tour now!

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The Israeli Apartheid wall "security barrier"

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