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Action Palestine - our partner for University twinnings


Twinning with Palestine

The Britain - Palestine Twinning Network - "promoting twinning and friendship links"

Activities for the network in 2011 include * Women's visit - March * Twinning Conference in Palestine - April * Visits to Palestine April and October * Conference in Liverpool - November.

Fact Sheets and resources for campaigners and local groups

Documents - Powerpoint presentations

These documents are from some of the groups in the twinning network. Amend and use them locally as you wish (see also Resources for Students). Use them to help formulate your own motions and forms.

Join the Twinning network - if your group is not yet a member of the Britain Palestine Twinning Network, please download and return this form (word doc).

Our Constitution

1 - Organising Twinning / Friendship links (word) (Camden)

2 - Membership application - organisations (word) (Camden)

3 - Membership application - individuals (word) (Camden)

4 - Union Motion - Suggested wording (word) (Camden)

5 - Friendship Statement (word) (Camden)

6 - Call to Action (word) (Birzeit University)

7 - University link information - Background information in support of Twinning links between Birmingham and Bir Zeit Universities (Birmingham)

8 - Twinning - University Petition. Suggested petition in favour of Universities twinning.(Birmingham)

9 - Campaign Affiliation Motion (pdf file) (Birzeit University)

10 - Suggested invite letter - suggested letter when inviting Palestinians to visit the U.K. (Word doc)

11 - Twinning network leaflet - About the Twinning network, use this at your meetings.

12 - Twinning group questionnaire - If you wish to join the network please fill this form in and return it to us.

13 - Penpals - From the Tower Hamlets - Jenin group.

14 - Example of a letter to a Member of Parliament. Find your MP -,

15 - Refused entry? Make sure any case is documented (this more for Palestinians denied re-entry)

16 - - a great selection of maps which all groups will find useful (outside link).

17 - Petition - useful way of getting supporters addresses. Good opportunity for publicity if handed in to Council, M.P. etc. (word) (Exeter)

Powerpoint presentations - these are some of the presentations done by other groups.

1 - Useful and informative presentation from the Stop the Wall campaign ( Download (caution this is a large - 47MB file)

2 - Kids presentation. Powerpoint presentation from the Palestinian Medical Relief Society ( Download (5.4MB file)

3 - Effective presentation from the Nablus Dundee Twinning Group (3Mb).

Press Releases - its worthwhile putting out a press release if you have some news

1 - Birmingham Women deported

Maps (pdf files)

1 - Map of Palestine and the Apartheid wall. Although a little old (some of the wall positions have changed) this scalable map is useful for finding places in Palestine.

2 - Map from the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs showing roadblocks north of Jerusalem.

3 - Humanitarian update from OCHAOPT (Nov. 2006). This organisation is useful body for facts.

4 - Latest wall route map, and projections (July 2006

Example of a letter to an M.P. or M.E.P.

This letter was sent to us by Reading Friends of Wadi Fuqeen”.

Dear (M.P.)

I am writing to you concerning the small Palestinian village of Wadi Fuqeen, which lies in the West Bank 12 kms from Bethlehem. Wadi Fuqeen is home to 1,200 people. (over 60% under 21 years old). Its fertile agricultural lands are the main source of living for many Palestinian families. The people of this village face a grave situation due to the Separation Wall being constructed by the Israeli authorities in the West Bank. Israel's policy in building this Wall is having a devastating effect on the Palestinian community, by confiscating farmlands, denying people the means of a livelihood and effectively imprisoning them.

Large sections of the Wall have already been constructed around Bethlehem and the rest was originally due to be completed by the end of 2005. The village of Wadi Fuqeen, along with several other villages in the area, will be on the ‘wrong' side of the Wall, cut off from Bethlehem and the rest of the West Bank in what will become a ‘closed zone'. The villagers are extremely anxious, as being cut off in this way from Bethlehem they will not be able to gain access to vital services such as hospitals, shops, schools, work places, family, friends, places of worship etc. The agricultural land between the Green Line and the Wall around Bethlehem is effectively being annexed by Israel, threatening the survival of Wadi Fuqeen and its neighbouring Palestinian villages. Wadi Fuqeen is located in the area earmarked for the expansion of the Gush Etzion settlement bloc. Furthermore, an additional section of Wall, soon to be routed through Wadi Fuqeen itself will deprive the village of vital agricultural land and effectively confine the community to a thin corridor along the floor of the valley. Wadi Fuqeen has already been issued with numerous demolition orders for olive groves, glass houses, buildings (mainly agricultural) terraces and water wells and land confiscation orders.

Although the villagers are contesting the land confiscation and demolition orders through the Israeli courts, the prospects of success are not good because Israeli land law places an impossibly high evidential burden on Palestinian farmers to prove ownership of land which in reality they and their forbears have cultivated for generations. In relation to the land being expropriated expressly to enable the wall to be built, Israel claims that it is entitled, as an occupying power, to take over the land for military purposes. But the reality is that the land is needed for the wall which is being built permanently to appropriate Palestinian land to Israel. The only real hope for the villagers is to prevent the construction of the wall and the expansion of the neighbouring settlements. That will clearly not be achieved through litigating in the Israeli courts.

The Construction of the separation Wall in the West Bank is more to do with the unlawful growth of settlements and the annexation of land to Israel than it is to do with security. This wall is being built in violation of international law including the Fourth Geneva Convention. Not only are the activities of the Israeli Government in constructing the Wall, a violation of human rights, but also the area in question (West Bethlehem) has been a recipient of British and International funding for various humanitarian aid projects. Specifically, the wells and glasshouses in Wadi Fuqeen were funded by the European Commission for Humanitarian Aid Office (ECHO) in conjunction with International charity World Vision, as part of their West Bethlehem Area Development Project

I am aware that our Government agrees the wall is illegal if constructed on Palestinian land. The illegality of the wall and the settlements, under the Fourth Geneva Convention, was confirmed in July last year by the International Court of Justice in its Advisory Opinion. Israel has, predictably, ignored the Judgement. It is the clear responsibility of states that are parties to the Geneva Conventions to bring pressure to bear on Israel to comply with international law. I hope you will ask the Foreign Secretary what he is doing to this end. If he says that compliance with international law must wait until there is a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, I cannot hold out much hope for the people of Wadi Fuqeen. Unless something is done, they will lose their land in the next few months. I am therefore requesting that you press for the British Government to use all measures possible to ensure Israel abides by international law by; halting construction of the Wall, dismantling the parts that have already been built, returning all the lands confiscated, and compensating for all losses due to the construction of the Wall. I particularly wish to express my concerns for the village of Wadi Fuqeen, and similarly positioned villages in the West Bank, adversely affected by the Israeli Government's current policies in this region.

The following is an extract from a message received from a spokes-person for the village of Wadi Fuqeen:

‘We believe that all people of good will who believe in peace and justice to back us up, to give all possible support in any way, to help in stopping this uncivilised attack against our land. It is hard to talk to our people about peace and coexistence seeing their land seized before their eyes. Nearly every family in the village is affected by this appropriation campaign and they all live with fear and anxiety about future of the village.'

Yours sincerely

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