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Action Palestine - our partner for University twinnings


Twinning with Palestine

The Britain - Palestine Twinning Network - "promoting twinning and friendship links"

Activities for the network in 2011 include * Women's visit - March * Twinning Conference in Palestine - April * Visits to Palestine April and October * Conference in Liverpool - November.

Twinning Campaign - University Groups

Visit Palestine with Action Palestine (Information / Contacts) / Facebook

- Let Palestinians Study. Palestinian students who are trapped by Israeli sanctions are listed on this site.

Trapped in Gaza (An online campaign was launched on Sunday 10.8.2008, aims at the right of Palestinian students in Gaza to access their studies abroad. The campaign complements the legal assistance that Gisha (Legal centre for freedom of movement -  is providing to individual students in order to help them reach their universities.) -

Latest on Gaza university destruction

These are the links to Twinning groups websites.

- Palestinian Universites -

Well done Manchester University Students Union - after a concerted effort by Zionists to undo the Twinning with Beir Zeit University, the racist motion submitted was defeated by an even bigger margin at one of the best attended meetings of the Union -

Anti Apartheid week 2008, organised by many of the twinning groups in Universities.

Have you filled in the questionnaire? If your group has not already done so, or is new and wishes to join the Twinning network, please download it here, and return it us as soon as possible (we need it for the next Conference).

Schools Gaza and West Bank / U.K. - Church / Religious groups - Towns Gaza / U.K. - Town West Bank / U.K. - Universities U.K. - International Groups - Other Groups (Arts, Disabled)


Despite pressure from Zionist organisations to label groups supporting twinning with Palestine as racist or suggesting that motions made Jewish Societies "feel victimised", many Universities are now twinned with Palestinian educational institutions.

More about Student twinning


Scotland - Wales

Place in BritainPlace in Palestine
Birmingham University - some students are keen to set up a twinning link. Please contact us if you want to help achieve this.

University of Birmingham Friends of Palestine Society -


Bradford University

Bristol University (UWE) -
Cambridge University -
University of East Anglia (UEA) -
East London University Jenin University


Essex University (TBC)


University of Gaza (TBC)


Exeter University

The Friends of Palestine Society are preparing a motion to twin with Hebron


Contact 2

- Facebook group

Goldsmith's College University of London

This campaign is to raise awareness and promote solidarity with students under illegal occupation in Palestine and to form a relationship culminating in an official twinning between Goldsmiths college and Al-Quds University.

An-Najah University, Nablus


King's College, London. -
Leeds University (Students Union) Birzeit University



Liverpool UniversityBirzeit University


London Metropolitan University


London School of Economics

Palestine Society.

An-Najah University, Nablus


London University of the Arts. Looking for a Palestinian Partner

November 2011 - MIDDLESEX UNIVERSITY STUDENTS UNION have passed a motion at our STUDENT REPRESENTATIVE COUNCIL to twin with AL Quds university students union and have to send a copy of the motion along with a letter to invite them to twin with Middlesex University students union and we would also be erecting a plaque to inform our students that we have twinned with AL QUDS UNIVERSITY STUDENTS UNION with the following statement .

Palestine and the Right to Education The Middlesex University Student Union is twinned with the Al Quds University Student Union in Jerusalem, Palestine. Students in Palestine have had their right to education consistently denied by the Israeli Occupation: checkpoints, attacks on Universities and limitations on movement seriously hinder the ability of students in Palestine to learn. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights declares that everyone has the 'right to education': we fully support the struggle of our Palestinian brothers and sisters to realise this fundamental Human Right.

I need the information for me to send a copy of the motion to AL QUDS UNIVERSITY STUDENTS UNION and also an address for me to send a letter of support and asking AL QUDs university students union to twin with us.

Regards Manojkumar Iyer

President Middlesex University Students Union.

Manchester Metropolitan University University of Gaza


Manchester University (March 2007)

Action Palestine -


- Facebook group

Birzeit University


Newcastle University An-Najah University (via Qalqilya students)


Nottingham University -
Oxford Students' Union


Birzeit University


Plymouth University TBC


Portsmouth University


Al Ram College


"The second motion called for support for the Portsmouth-Palestine Twinning initiative. This motion passed almost unanimously and gave campaigning students a clear mandate to push ahead to twin Portsmouth with Ar Ram college. Ar Ram is a town on the road between Jerusalem and Ramallah. This road is of vital strategic importance to the Israelis as it connects the capital to the largest town in the West Bank. In fact Ar Ram was the first town to be occupied when the Israeli army invaded the West Bank in 1967 and so epitomises the forty-year occupation."
Sheffield Hallam University


Queen Mary College, Mile End. London -
SOAS, London. (new October 2007)


Al Quds University Student Union
Staffordshire University (April 2007)


Palestine Polytechnic (Hebron)


Sussex University

June 2007 - The University of Sussex Students’ Union (USSU) Council yesterday ratified the results of a referendum held from 31st May – 1st June on whether USSU should twin with the Tubas Study Centre of Al-Quds Open University in occupied Palestine, in which students voted overwhelmingly in support of the motion. Overall 759 students voted in favour of the motion, and only 107 against, with nearly a thousand students participating in the debate.

Al Quds University

Contact -

University College London Students Union - UCL Friends of Palestine.


6th March 2008 - UCL Union votes overwhelmingly to twin with Palestinian Universities in the West Bank and Gaza.

Unions of Al-Quds University (West Bank) and Al-Azhar Secular University (Gaza)

- Warwick University

Student Union Friends of Palestine Society /


Birzeit University



Edinburgh University (November 2005) - Article concerning a recent visit. Twinned with Birzeit University, in the West Bank.

Edinburgh University Palestine Solidarity Society

Glasgow University. Seeking to establish a Gaza twinning.


St. Andrews University.

Stirling University. Web site. Twinned with Birzeit University. Contact / Visit Reports

Strathclyde University.


Useful links: - There are many groups and charities throughout Scotland that support the Palestinians and Israelis in their struggle for peace with justice for all people in Israel and Palestine. This website is intended to facilitate this by providing a calendar of events and links to the various groups so that we can support each other and coordinate our activities as much as possible in order to have the greatest effect nationwide. - "To establish a link between Palestinians working, living or studying in Scotland, and civic Scotland - and to provide a forum for discussion on issue facing the Palestinian people in general and the Palestinian National Authority in particular." - El Fanoun is an established group for Palestinian Culture and Art who attempt to exhibit Palestinian culture in Scotland. - Scottish Jews for a Just Peace - Scottish Palestine Human Rights Campaign. The three aims of the campaign are: (i) to highlight what the Israeli Occupation Forces are doing to the Palestinian people; (ii) to fundraise for the Palestinian people; and (iii) to actually get people over to the refugee camps and live and work with the people in them. - Women in Black Scotland.


Cardiff University - .

International twinning

- Is your town / city twinned with a community in Palestine?

Have we missed one? Please contact us.

Useful link if your community is twinned with a town near Jerusalem - (pdf file)

Visit Palestine - Next tour 20th to 29th June 2009

Please note: The deadline for (short)applications is Friday April the 24th 2009.

We are currently planning a meeting for those who are interested in going on the tour. watch this space. Download application here

For the second year running, Action Palestine (AP) will be offering students the opportunity to visit Palestine and observe the situation on the ground first-hand. The 10-day tour will take place from 20-29th of June, and is designed to give participants a comprehensive picture of Palestinian life and an insight into Israel's occupation.

The tour will take participants to Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Ramallah, Hebron, Nablus, Qalqilya and a number of the neighbouring refugee camps. We will also visit a number of the villages affected by Israel's Apartheid wall, meeting with local academics and activists along the way. The political briefings will be complimented with visits to key religious and cultural sights to give participants a comprehensive picture of Palestinian life. Given that we are a student organisation, we also work to foster relations between students and we will be visiting 2 Palestinian universities during our time in Palestine.

The tour costs £250 per person (flights not included) and go to pay the cost of transportation, accommodation and food during your time in Palestine. Given that AP is a volunteer-run organisation, your money goes directly towards running the tour making our tours one of the cheapest ways of visiting Palestine.

A limited number of subsidies are available to students who can demonstrate a commitment to public advocacy on the issue of Palestine. Applicants who are willing to write articles and speak about their experiences are encouraged to apply for subsidies, with applications from student journalists, student council/executive members and applicants who are in a position to influence public opinion particularly welcomed. If you are interested in acquiring a subsidy for your tour then please be sure to indicate this in your application (Application Form Attached, Please send all applications to We have had a large amount of interest this year and because of limited places we ask that individuals send us their applications ASAP. The deadline for applications is the 24th of April 2009.

"One can read about the Palestinian situation for years, but seeing it first hand will give you an understanding more profound than any number of books or documentaries ever could".

If there are any questions about the tour then please contact us on

Latest - Gaza destruction of Palestinian education institutions

Al-Mezan Centre for Human Rights in Gaza said 14 of the 15 higher education institutions in the Strip (most are in and around Gaza City) were damaged by Israeli forces. Six came under direct attack.

Three colleges - Al-Da'wa College for Humanities in Rafah, Gaza College for Security Sciences in Gaza City, and the Agricultural College in Beit Hanoun (part of Al-Azhar University) - were destroyed, according to Al-Mezan communications officer Mahmoud AbuRahma.

Six university buildings in Gaza were razed to the ground and 16 damaged. The total damage is estimated at US$21.1 million, according to the Palestinian National Early Recovery and Reconstruction Plan for Gaza

The Israeli offensive - in retaliation for continued Hamas rocket-fire from Gaza into Israel - began on 27 December 2008 and ended on 18 January. Photo: Erica Silverman/IRIN

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Women's Tour March 2011

Conference Palestine April 2011

Conference - Liverpool November 2011

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Would you like to visit Palestine? We regularly organise tours to Palestine. Book for the October 2010 tour now!

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