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Action Palestine - our partner for University twinnings


Twinning with Palestine

The Britain - Palestine Twinning Network - "promoting twinning and friendship links"

Activities for the network in 2011 include * Women's visit - March * Twinning Conference in Palestine - April * Visits to Palestine April and October * Conference in Liverpool - November.

Twinning Campaign United Kingdom groups page

Links to Twinning groups websites and contact details.

Schools Gaza and West Bank / U.K. - Church / Religious groups - Towns Gaza / U.K. - Town West Bank / U.K. - Universities U.K. - International Groups - Other Groups (Arts, Disabled)

Have you filled in the questionnaire? If your group has not already done so, or is new and wishes to join the Twinning network, please download it here, and return it us as soon as possible (we need it for the next Conference).

New groups looking for supporters (please contact us if you need more information);

Aberystwyth (Wales) - Marda

Battersea / Kew - TBC

Bournmouth - Bir Zeit Village TBC. Contact

Cardiff - Balata refugee camp TBC. Web site

Chesham - Khader (near Bethlehem)

Chester Jericho Friendship Pact. Visit Reports. Contact

Dorset - Awarta

Dudley and Lye Friends of Palestine. TBC

Dundalk, Northern Ireland. TBC

Ealing - TBC

Edinburgh - Old City of Jerusalem

Enfield, possibly twinning with Kuffr Jamal.

Dundalk, Northern Ireland.

Harrogate - TBC

Hebden Bridge, West Yorks. Beit Sahour and have been supporting villages in Bethlehem area. Contact

Hinton Charterhouse near Bristol.

Kendal now twinned with Aqbat Jabar camp, near Jericho

Kingston - Bethlehem. Contact

Knaresborough - TBC

Knighton - Jama'een

Leamington Spa and Warwick (Justice For Palestinians)

Llandrindod High School (Mid Wales ). Contact. Kafr Jama (near Tulkarem). Contact

Mid Wales / Shropshire - TBC

Maidenhead - TBC

Melksham - TBC

Mersea Island to be twinned with Bethlehem.

North Nibley, in Gloucestershire.

Norwich - TBC

Swansea (Wales) - TBC.

Tooting - Sawahreh

York - Balaata Camp, Nablus

Worthing - TBC

Place in BritainPlace in Palestine
West Bank

Aberystwyth Marda Twinning (September 2010)

Contact -


Birmingham Ramallah Twinning Initiative (January 2004)

Contact -


Visit Reports

A local schools website

"To develop grass roots links between organisations and individuals in Birmingham and Ramallah and to campaign to twin the two cities at city level."


Brighton Toubas Friendship and Solidarity Group (April 2006)

Contact -

Tubas, Jordan Valley

Visit Reports

Bristol (campaign to send computers to Palestine)

Contact -

Marda - Web site - Nakba Conference April 2008 (Video)

Gaza City and Marda.

Visit Reports

- Bristol schools

Tulkarem schools


Web site

Something from YouTube.

Cambridge Palestine Forum -

Beit Sahour

Camden Abu Dis Friendship Association (2003)

Abu Dis - Contact

Camden - Contact - - Visit Reports

- Facebook group

Aims - "CADFA’s objects are to promote human rights (as set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and subsequent United Nations conventions and declarations) and respect for international humanitarian law in the area of Abu Dis, a region of Palestine, by all or any of the following means:

  • Raising awareness of human rights and humanitarian issues relevant to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in general and to the situation of Abu Dis in particular;
  • Researching and monitoring abuses of human rights and infringements of humanitarian law in Abu Dis;
  • Educating the public about human rights and humanitarian law;
  • Promoting public support for human rights and the observance of humanitarian law;
  • Working to eliminate abuses of human rights and infringements of humanitarian law in Abu Dis;
  • Working to obtain and promote redress for the victims of human rights abuses and infringements of humanitarian law in Abu Dis and their families;
Providing support to and relieving need among the victims of human rights abuses and infringements of humanitarian law and their families, in Abu Dis."

Cheltenham (2002)

Contact -

Deheisheh Camp, Bethlehem.

Visit Reports - International Centre Bethlehem - Bethlehem Peace Centre - Municipality web site

Rich Wiles, photographer-

Dundee Nablus Twinning Association (November 1980) Official Twinning

Contact (1) (2) -

Nablus - Visit Reports

Excellent Powerpoint presentation

Web -

Municipality web site -


Project Hope is a Canadian Charity mainly working in and around Nablus.

Exeter - Hebron Twinning Association (November 2005)

Contact -


Visit Reports

Falkirk and District - Antonine Friendship Link (2003)

Contact -


Visit Reports

Aims - "Practical help and support to the Palestinian community of Jayyous through ongoing fundraising, eye witness"

A Friendship Link was suggested after Scottish Friends of Palestine held their Conference in Falkirk as there appeared to be widespread local interest in the Palestinian cause.

Contact was made with the village of Jayyous in the West Bank as Jayyous, like the town of Falkirk, was once occupied as a Roman Garrison town – hence the ‘link’.  

Glasgow - Bethlehem Link (October 1992) Official Twinning

Web site from a Glasgow group


Visit Reports

Hackney Beit Surik Friendship Forum (November 2005)

Contact -

Beit Sourik / Bayt Surik / Beit Sureik / Beit Sureek

Visit Reports

Hanwell (London)

Sabastia (near Nablus). Visit Reports

Haringey Justice for Palestinians (March 2006)

Contact -

Aizaria / Bethany

Visit Reports




Nahaleen, near Bethlehem.


Hounslow, London.

Ramallah. An official but dormant link that has been resurrected. Contact

About the Hounslow Ramallah link


Jerusalem Old City



Aqbat Jabar camp, near Jericho.

Kensington & Chelsea Friends of Palestine

Old City of Jerusalem







Visit Reports

Leicester Friends of Bethlehem




Contact Tel: 0151 709 2407.



Llanidloes in Mid Wales


As Sawiya, near Nablus.

Luton Friends of Battir (March 2006)

Contact -

Aims - "To support projects in Battir and to organise delegations to and from Battir"


Visit Reports

Article / Press Release



Newcastle Qalqilya Friendship Association

Contact - Web site


Visit Reports

Newham - Jenin

Jenin - Visit reports


Contact - Facebook - Web site


Visit Reports

Oxford Ramallah Friendship Association (August 2002)

Contact -


Visit Reports


Contact -

Beit Leed

Visit Reports




Tel; 07739 729 214



Visit Reports

Reading - The Friends of Wadi Fuqeen (February 2004)

Contact - Ernesto can be contacted on 01635 864017 -

Wadi Faqeen

ICAHD report

Visit Reports


Deir Ballout

Saint Albans


Husan, near Bethlehem.


South East London

Contact -


Beit Furik

Visit Reports

Stirling, Scotland. Visit reports

Contact - Blog

Shufat, Jerusalem.

Swindon (July 2006)

Contact - Swindon Link article - This is Swindon article (September 2007)

Beit Fajjar, near Bethlehem.


Facebook group

Aboud, near Ramallah.


Contact -




Tower Hamlets - Twin Jenin (October 2004). Renamed Tower Hamlets Friendship Association (July 2008).

Contact -


Visit Reports

Aims - "To raise profile and make meaningful contacts throughout groups, organisations, individuals etc. in Tower Hamlets with people and organisations in Jenin, to develop projects together".




Kobar - north of Ramallah


Watford Friends of Salfeet

Monthly meeting, last Thursday of the month at Watford Friends Meeting House, 150 Church Rd., Watford at 7:30 pm.

Contact; Clive (07766 452665)


Visit Reports

West Lancashire Friendship Links with Al Walaja



Visit Reports

Palestinian towns and cities websites -

Bethlehem group doing good work -

International twinning

- Is your town / city twinned with a community in Palestine ?

Article about twinning with Israeli towns and cities -

Have we missed one? Please contact us.

Useful link if your community is twinned with a town near Jerusalem (pdf file)

Contact us

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Women's Tour March 2011

Conference Palestine April 2011

Conference - Liverpool November 2011

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