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Action Palestine - our partner for University twinnings


Twinning with Palestine

The Britain - Palestine Twinning Network - "promoting twinning and friendship links"

Activities for the network in 2011 include * Women's visit - March * Twinning Conference in Palestine - April * Visits to Palestine April and October * Conference in Liverpool - November.

Twinning Campaign - United Kingdom Church and religious groups twinning with Palestinian communities

Links to Twinning groups websites and contact details.

Have you filled in the questionnaire? If your group has not already done so, or is new and wishes to join the Twinning network, please download it here, and return it us as soon as possible (we need it for the next Conference).

Churches and Palestine

Schools Gaza and West Bank / U.K. - Church / Religious groups - Towns Gaza / U.K. - Town West Bank / U.K. - Universities U.K. - International Groups - Other Groups (Arts, Disabled)

Hope for the Holy Land, "Celebrating Palestinian Christianity". A new group for Christians concerned with Palestine -

Useful website -

Place in BritainPlace in Palestine
Bristol (Spiritual Activist Leadership Training)Bethlehem

Contact - Web site

Beit Sahour

Visit reports

Leicester - Leicestershire Holy Land Appeal

Contact - Holy land Appeal, 25 Prospect Road. LEICESTER LE5 3RR. Tel. 0116 251 0655. Web site

Visit reports

Aboud / Bethlehem

Nablus Church Catholic parish St Cecilia’s in Tuebrook has initiated a twinning project with the Catholic Parish of St. Justin in Nablus

Church twinning

Aims - "We aim to increase awareness of the situation in the Holy Land and to raise money for projects and organisations in the Holy land that:

Improve the quality of life of the Palestinian people.

Support and sustain Palestinian Christian communities.

Work for peace and justice through the use of non-violent methods.

The Diocese of East Anglia (Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire) is twinned with the Latin Patriarchate (Diocese) of Jerusalem.

Contact -

"Our aim is to support firstly projects initiated by the Christian community in that part of the world, but also ensuring the projects we support are available for all in the community, irrespective of religion or belief; and that they provide real and practical means of providing justice and peace for all who live in the region."

We try to encourage Christian tour groups to not only visit sites associated with the bible, but also to visit the local Christian communities whilst on pilgrimage. It also enables them to get a first hand experience by which to judge the material they are subjected to by the media in the UK. Over the last five years 10 groups have visited the Holy Land and five groups are booked to do the same in 2008.

The Latin Patriarchate (Diocese) of Jerusalem which covers Israel, Palestine and Jordan.

Churches in East Anglia linked with Palestinian communites
Bungay, SuffolkLinked with Zababdeh. Providing financial support for the parish school and youth group. Several visits have been made from the UK to Zababdeh. A recent project was to assist in re-roofing the local church.
Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. St Edmunds First School.Twinned with Ain Arik school in Palestine. Teachers have visited each school and educational links have been established. Fund raising also takes place in the UK school to support additional facilities for the school in Palestine.
Cambridge – St Bede’s inter-church school.Linked with Bir Zeit Latin school. Student contact is encouraged and funds raised in the UK assist with additional facilities for the school in Palestine.
Cambridge, Our Lady and the English Martyrs parish.Linked with Bir Zeit. Providing financial support for the local school, providing salary for full-time music teacher. Also providing support for local Scout group. Visits have been made from the UK to Bir Zeit and a small group from Bir Zeit was hosted in Cambridge.
Cambridge – St Phillip Howard parish.Twinned with Taybeh. Extension of local clinic and provision of maternity services. Financial provision for local school and youth projects. Exporting of olive wood products and oil providing employment and economic assistance to villagers.
Costessey, Norfolk – St Augustine’s school.Sends regular communications from the children to the school in Jifna.
Haverhill, Suffolk – St Felix parish.Linked with Beit Sahour school and parish. Link in early stages of development.
Norwich – Holy Apostles parish.Supports the financial cost of one of the seminary students in the Latin Patriarchal Seminary in Beit Jala.
Peterborough – All Souls parish.Twinned with Ramallah. Financial provision for the local school, support of the local scout group. Part funding for new sports complex. Reciprocal visits.
Peterborough – Sacred Heart and St Oswald parish.Provision of medicine and school bursaries for Gaza.
Poringland, Norfolk.Linked with Zababdeh. Providing financial support for the parish school and youth group. Several visits have been made from the UK to  Zababdeh. A recent project was to assist in re-roofing the local church.
St Ives, Cambridgeshire – Sacred Heart parish.

Contact: Father Paul Maddison, Parish Priest.

Twinned with Aboud. Financial provision for local parish school. Renovation project for houses in the village. Provision of Internet access and library facilities. Reciprocal visits have taken between young people from both parishes. Over the last five years nearly 100 people from St Ives have visited Aboud. Setting up soap manufacturing in the village and exporting of soap to the UK. A project to provide for the building 40 flats in the village has just been commenced.
Southwold, Suffolk.Linked with Zababdeh. Providing financial support for the parish school and youth group. Several visits have been made from the UK to Zababdeh. A recent project was to assist in re-roofing the local church.
Sudbury, Suffolk.Importing and selling Palestinian olive oil. Also providing two annual bursaries to Bethlehem University.

Society of St. Francis of the European Province (Anglican) -

Pax Christi -

Palestinian towns and cities websites -

International twinning

- Is your town / city twinned with a community in Palestine ?

Article about twinning with Israeli towns and cities -

Have we missed one? Please contact us.

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Women's Tour March 2011

Conference Palestine April 2011

Conference - Liverpool November 2011

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