How we work

The Britain Palestine Friendship and Twinning Network (BPFTN) is a membership network of groups sharing a common aim - developing links with Palestinian partners to increase mutual understanding and friendship. These links will take varied forms in different locations, according to the wishes of members at the time. We hope to gain in strength and capacity through working as a network, sharing ideas and skills to enable healthy links to prosper and grow.

The BPFTN is committed to work responsibly in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom, and acknowledges its duty to respect and uphold human rights. We recognise the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Humanitarian and Human Rights Law (including the 4th Geneva Convention) as the moral and legal framework within which members and our partners are to be enabled to live safe and happy lives.

How member groups integrate these principles into their activities is for individual groups to work out and apply to their own work, training, communications and administration. As a network we aim to support all moral and legal activities of our member groups, and to facilitate the sharing of best practice.