Visa requirements

The Britain Palestine Friendship and Twinning Network (BPFTN) is a membership network of groups actively working to build friendships and twinning links between Palestine and the UK. A productive means of deepening these links has been organised visits to and from Palestine.

While these visits can be incredibly beneficial and potetntially life changing for those involved, they demand a lot of work, finance and understanding to realise. A significant challenge to realise visits are visas. Most UK citizens travelling to Palestine will be able to secure visas upon arrival. Palestinain citizens will have to apply for visas to the UK some time in advance.

It is possible to contact some of the member groups who have successfully organised visits to find out about their experiences. Please note that an incorrectly filed or incomplete application will forfeit the application fee. The application process can be long and tiresome. This is our unofficial adviceDownload document to help get it right first time.

We hope that sharing our groups knowledge and experiences will help continue the good work of the network.

Further documents are provided to offer example letters and time frames for securing visas for Palestinian visitors. Unfortunately it is not possible to keep this advice up to date and it is important to research current application protocols and advice of the British Government.