Working against Racism

As part of the The Britain Palestine Friendship and Twinning Network’s (BPFTN) commitment to recognising and upholding human rights we actively act against any form of racism or other discrimination, whether this is practised by an individual or institution.

The BPFTN encourages dialogue to understand how and why racism and discrimination exists and functions. We are committed to work responsibly in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom, and believe we have a duty to build understaning of different cultures and creeds, which will help reduce racsim,recognise it when it is present and actively resist its acceptance within any area of the modern life. It is our belief that this is fundamental to the network and our partners are able to live within a healthy and prosperous world.

It is clear that each member of the network will have its own procedures and policies to uphold their moral and legal responsibilities. Where possible the network will aid members and partners to share best practice.

As part of our commitment to equality and actively resisting racism the BPTFN committee is working on a coherent statement to set out how Anti-Semitism. We recognise the very real and active threat of hate crimes within our communities and hope that being clear about our position will facilitate the active cooperation necessary to eradicate discrimination and racism within our society.