What we do

Members of the Britain Palestine Friendship and Twinning Network (BPFTN) have come to gether in very different ways. Activities of groups usually reflect the size and interests of the group and their local communities, as well as those of their Palestinian partners.

Every member of the BPFTN has demonstrated a creativitey and commitment demonstrated in the variety of activities they have organised. From film showings to talks, fundraising to exchanges, visits and education links. Culture, music and sport, as well as exploring the daily lives of twinned communities. One reason for initial expressions of solidarity is the ongoing occupation of Palestine and the UK’s central role in creating and maintaining this situation.

Activities have focused on sharing experiences of daily life and increasing understanding between communities, or allowing people to move outside their daily routines and gaining a truer insight to themselves. With over a decade of twinning pracitse our member groups continue to explore and develop. Prospective members are welcome to contact the committee or individual groups to discuss ideas.

Each year members come together to share their experiences and plan for future activities. Most recently we have met in Hounslow, West London and Birzeit University. The committee intends to host our 2018 conference in Liverpool and are actively engaged in working out the programme, we hope that you will be able to join us.