About us

The British Palestine Twinning Network is made up of groups that have friendship and twinning links between Britain and Palestine.

We wish to encourage twinning or friendship links with Palestinian communities, be they refugee camps, rural villages, towns or universities.

Through the twinning network we can share our experiences and provide resources and assistance to groups who wish to or have built friendship links with Palestinian communities.

If you are a group developing friendship or twinning links you can join this network for free for the first year and £30 per year thereafter. We do not have individual membership, as we see ourselves as a network of groups. However, if you support our work we welcome donations from supporters who will be kept fully informed of events and activities.

We can help you start a group and if needed find you a partner in Palestine. Please contact us at palestinetwinning@yahoo.com

Why Link?

Palestine has been under military occupation for over 40 years. Palestinians feel isolated and forgotten by the world. Our support means a lot to them. Twinning brings friendship and understanding and encourages visits and grassroots educational and cultural links between the two communities. It offers UK citizens a better understanding of the situation and culture in Palestine and would give Palestinians a window to the outside world.

We do not belong to any political or religious grouping. We have student union groups, peace and justice groups, charities, Churches Together, independent twinning groups, Scottish groups and others, and we are working together to make this a nationwide movement, to support each other and spread the work.

Unlike solidarity work, which is political, twinning has a sustained focus and concentrates on building personal relationships with the Palestinians. Our conferences and events concentrate not on political speeches and platforms, but workshops and sharing experiences and successes.