Twinning and BDS

The call for Boycott Divestment Sanctions(BDS) originated from Palestinian civil society and groups, as a tool for non-violent civil action to put pressure on the State of Israel to end the Occupation.

The Britain Palestine Friendship and Twinning Network(BPTFN) exists to support twinning and friendship links between Britain and Palestine. We are conscious of the extremely difficult circumstances affecting the people of Palestine and the groups affiliated to BPTFN give support to the communities with which they are linked and work to spread awareness of the issues affecting them.

The BPFTN is not itself a campaigning organisation and as a national organisation, we are not involved in the BDS campaign.

We accept, however, that BDS issues may arise as part of discussions and activities with the communities in Palestine with which member organisations are linked. The BPTFN welcomes debate and discussion between groups to allow each to determine the most appropriate position in relation to specific issues local groups face.

The BPTFN supports all legal and moral activities of its member groups